Our snip tool allows you to cut out an area of an existing plan and create it as a new plan. You can also use this for resizing a plan.

To find this option go inside your plan and click on the 'Details' tab

There you will see the new 'Snip to new plan' button

Once selected use your mouse to mark out the area you want to snip and click the '+Convert to new plan' button above the plan.

The options box will pop up and allow you to choose

  1. Your new plan name
  2. Your new plan paper size
  3. Landscape or Portrait positioning
  4. The padding of all four sides of your plan

The blue area shows where your new snippet will be placed on your plan.

Click 'Create Plan' and your new plan will open.

** Please note- The scale from your original plan will not apply to the new plan. You will need to measure two points on the new snipped plan to accurately set the scale. 

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