Our eraser tool allows you to erase anything on your existing PDF. Its often used to "tidy up" plans before you start your take-off.

Click the eraser and the tool options will open at the top of the plan.

By default the eraser tool will be set to erase any Region you click and drag your mouse over- This is good for large areas you wish to erase. You can also change this to the Line option which allows you to erase lines using your mouse. This is much better for erasing smaller areas and you can change the width to suit. 

If you make a mistake you can click the "restore original plan" button which will cancel what you have erased. Click "close tool" when you have finished.


After using the Region Eraser


As mentioned above, you can click the "Restore Original Plan" button which will cancel all of what you have erased.

To undo what you've recently erased, press CTRL (or Command on Mac) + Z while you still have the eraser tool selected. 

If you already used other tools before you realised that you need to undo your last eraser action, just click the Eraser tool again, press CTRL (or Command on Mac) on your keyboard, and the regions erased will be highlighted (will turn black) and you can click on them to restore their original layout.

You can also watch the video tutorial here: https://vimeo.com/268531192

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