Our pen tool allows you to draw on your plans using your mouse. 

Click the Pen tool and you will see the tool options across the top of the plan.

Straighten Lines

The "Straighten Lines" option will automatically straighten the lines you draw. This is turned on by default. If you want to draw a completely straight line, press and hold your Shift and P keys on your keyboard which will allow you to click and drag a line on your plan. This way your line will be perfectly straight. 

The Opacity option allows you to change the strength of the colouring and you can also choose the width of the line that you are drawing, which is good for highlighting areas.

Choose the colour of your line

Choose the width of your line


To delete anything you have drawn on the plan, click the pen tool then if you are on an Apple Mac hold your command button and click the line you wish to delete, if you are on a Microsoft PC hold the alt and Ctrl buttons then click the item you wish to delete.

💡 TIP: Zoom in on your plan to get an accurate view of the line you are going to delete.

Watch this video tutorial on using the Pen tool: https://vimeo.com/268531244

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