Choose a file from your computer or use a previously uploaded image.


To pick an image, click the Choose file button and double click on the image you want to be displayed in Groundplan.

Click and drag it to the desired position with your mouse. You can also resize it by dragging the small boxes on the corners or rotate it by using the rotation handle.

Click the Save button or press ESC on your keyboard.

Please note: All the images added to the plan this way will be on the top layer. This means that the images will cover plan, measurements and annotations if positioned on top of them.


Edit an image

Click on the image you want to edit then;

Resize - Use the small boxes on the border to change the size of the image by clicking and dragging the boxes to adjust the image size.

Reposition - Click and drag the image, move the image to the new position on the plan

Rotate - Click and hold the rotation handle to adjust the rotation, to the desired rotation.


Delete an image

To delete an image, click to select the image you want to delete and press the Delete” key on your keyboard or click the Delete button

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