1. Top navigation menu

2. Current page location or Project name

3. Current page navigation menu

4. Current page action buttons and filters

5. Current page sub-title

Top left navigation menu

1. New. Click to create a new Project, Project Template or Take-Off Template

2. Projects. Clicking here will bring you back to the Project List.

3. Recent. This displays links to your last "Viewed Projects" and last "Updated Projects". The "Updated Projects" section shows any project that has been modified by any user in the system.

Top right navigation menu

1. User menu. Shows a menu with the full name of the person logged in, a link to the "Setup" page and a "Log Out" button.

2. Setup. Click here to configure things like billing details, or manage your integration settings.

3. Help menu. This links to this user guide and to the "Send us a Message" dialog, where you can message us from within the application.

"Current page" action buttons and filters

1. Actions you can perform on this page. In this case, we're in the "Commercial Shed GJ's" Project, in the "Plans" page and we can either upload new plans or create a new group of plans.

2. When available, you'll be able to change between Tile, List or Table views.

3. The filter allows you to filter the plan list by plan name.

4. When available, you'll be able to sort the page content by a number of parameters.

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