Let's start by creating a project.

Open the "Create Project" form

Click the "New" button on the top left portion of the navigation menu, then click "Create Project" (1)


Once in the Project Listing page, you can click the green "+ Create Project" button (2)

Create the Project

1. Type in your Project's name

2. Select your Project Template or choose a Blank Project.

You can also click on "Show more details" to fill in the description of the project, client's name, project status and label.

3. Lastly, click the "Create" button

You will now be redirected to the newly created Project, select the "Plans" page and you can now start uploading your plans by drag and dropping the files where it says "Drop Plans Here", or clicking the "Upload Plans" button (2)

Watch how to create your first project in Groundplan: https://vimeo.com/267958157

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