Before you start your takeoff, you'll need to upload your plans to the Groundplan cloud. Supported file types/formats for the moment are jpg, png, tiff or pdf (single or multi-page) and we also support zipped files. 

After opening a Project, drag and drop your Plan files...

You can either press the Upload Plans button or simply drag the files straight onto the screen and drop them in the project. 

After selecting the plans for upload, you will be prompted with a "confirmation" screen which lists the files you just selected. 

If you select a "zip" file, Groundplan will now list the files inside the zip.
You can simply click the "Upload" button to continue as per usual, or click the new "Review" button.

You can then delete any unnecessary files, choose specific pages for the file you want to upload, or decide if you want to add some of the files as an attachment to the Project instead.

After the Plan upload starts, the "Upload Queue" window will appear at the bottom right of the screen. There are two phases:

  1. Upload Progress. 

This is demonstrated in percentile on each Plan in the uploading queue, as well as a green progress bar. You can Cancel the upload if still in progress.

2. Processing Progress. 

After the plan gets received by our servers it needs to be processed. This shouldn't take more than 2 minutes. As Plans finish processing, the "Upload Queue" will read "Finished", and the Plan's thumbnails will start to show on the plan list. When uploading a multi-page PDF file, the caption will read "Completed X of Y", being X the number of pages processed and Y the total number of pages in the PDF.


Plans are processed and ready. Simply click on the plan image to start editing.

In the event of an error

In case of failure, the Upload Queue will notify you with a "Failed" status and an error message describing the issue (in red). 

This usually means you're experiencing connection issues or you're trying upload a large (256mb+) or long (100 pages) or unsupported file types (dwg). You will most like be notified of the error during the upload review if it's the latter case.

Otherwise, contact us on [email protected] and we will fix the issue promptly.

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