After adding a Stage, click the "Count" button

Insert the part number, measurement description, choose a symbol and click "Create".

1. Enter a part number

2. Enter a description for the Measurement.

3. Enter the Unit Cost and Markup percentage.

4. Select the Symbol, Colour and Size.

5. Click "Create" to start counting, or click "Create & Add More Parts" to add parts and labour to the count  item.

You also choose the symbol size on this page. 

For the custom symbols that you uploaded to your account, you may notice that you can only change their fill colours. 

NOTE: We keep the last colour used when you click "New Measurement". This means that your "custom symbols" will be coloured according to the last selected colour. You can reset this by clicking "none" on the "Fill Colour" menu (see above).


Left click on the Plan to start the "Count" and then "Close" when you're done. Every count is saved automatically

If you make a mistake, hold the CTRL key while clicking the item you'd like to remove.

When you are in count mode, you will see the count tool bar across the top of your plan as shown above. This gives you the option to change the style of the symbol you are using, add parts to the measurement, rotate the symbol you are using and close the tool.

If you wish to adjust the count total, simply click on on the measurement value. You can either adjust the project total (on all plans) or adjust the plan total only. 

Insert the new total and click "Adjust". 

The asterisk (*) on the Count value means that the total has been adjusted.

Please note
- Once the amount is adjusted on that plan or project, the measurement quantity will be locked to that number and this will not rise if you count any more on the plans AFTER the adjustment.

Click the small arrow next to the measurement name for more options

You can also watch the video tutorial here:

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