After adding a Stage, click the "+Area" button, 

1. insert a part number (optional)

2. Enter a description for the Measurement

3. Enter a cost (optional)

4. Select the Fill Colour, and Stroke / Line Colour Click 

5. Click "Create" to start measuring, or click "Create & Add More Parts" to measure multiple items per square meter.

Left click the Plan to start measuring. Each click creates a point.

Shortcut Keys:

- Press CTRL+Z to undo the last point.

- Hold the SHIFT key to position the line in 15 degree increments

If the Plan Scale is set, you'll see the total area while you're measuring.

Click the first point to close and finalise the Area

Each Measurement can have multiple areas. 

To cut out an area within your measurement, use the cut-out tool. This will subtract the cut out measurement from the area. 

When you're done, just click "Close" or press the "Esc" key. Every Measurement is saved automatically.

To edit an Area, just click on the area's name in the Stages menu and move the small square markers on the area parameter to adjust the area. 

Shortcut keys:

  • Press CTRL+Left Click to delete a point.

To adjust the area's total click on its total value

Insert the new total and click "Adjust"

The asterisk (*) on the Area value means that the total has been adjusted. The hat (^) on the Measurement total means that it contains areas(s) that have been adjusted.

Please note that once you adjust the area, this will be locked for future measurements. 

Area options- Scroll your mouse across the measurement and click the small arrow on the right side of the area name for more options. This can be done for both the area measurement and the individual measurement.

You can also watch the video tutorial here:

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