Creating Take off templates when integrated with Xero
  • 08 Nov 2020
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Creating Take off templates when integrated with Xero

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Before reading this article, please make sure you are familiar with what Take-Off Templates are and how to create them in Groundplan.

Creating Take-off Templates linked to Xero items

There are three ways to create Take-off templates, but all of these options require you to manually link your Xero items with the measurements you've listed under each take-off templates.

If your associated parts are added as one-off items instead of Xero-linked items, Groundplan will send their quantities to Xero as one-off items as well.

1. Create a new Take-Off Template from scratch

You can find the steps of manually setting up a Take-Off template and building up the measurements in it on this guide.

The only difference will be selecting the Xero Company (if you have multiple companies) where you're going to link the parts, which you will see as soon as you click the +Take-Off Template button. Here, select the right company after you've given your new template a name and proceed as usual.
GP Xero Integration v8 - Create Take-Off template

2. Import a Take-Off template

Importing a file into your take-off template will save you from manually entering the list of parts that you need in your template. However, Groundplan creates a one-off item in each measurement as a default part. These imported measurement parts will not be linked to Xero items even if you have listed the part numbers of the Inventory & Non-Inventory items in the spreadsheet.

3. Copying an existing Stage into a Take-Off Template

Among these three options, this will be the best time-saver IF the stage that you will copy already has the measurements linked to Inventory items or Non-Inventory items in Xero, after you've set it up for a Project.

However, if the linking of the items was not yet done, you can still copy the stage as a new take-off template and proceed with manually linking the measurements to your Inventory items or Non-Inventory items in Xero.

Linking your measurements to Xero items

  1. Click on the Take-off Templates tab;
  2. Click on the Template name or click the Menu button and select the Edit option;
  3. Click onto the Measurement name or click the Menu button and choose the Parts option;
  4. Along the part line, click the Menu button then select the Delete option, then click the Delete button to confirm the action;
  5. Add a new part by clicking the green +Part button;
  6. Click to choose Xero item;
  7. Enter at least three characters of the item name;
  8. Click the correct item from the list shown;
  9. Click the Save button;

GP Xero Integration v8 - Linking your measurements to Xero items

Inventory and Non-inventory items associated with multiple measurements within the same stage will group as one line item(s) with a total from all measurements when being pushed to Xero.

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Q: If I edit or rename the measurement in Groundplan will it automatically update my part in Xero?

A: Renaming measurements will not send the updated name to Xero -- these names will only appear in Groundplan on the stage, take-off template, on the legend and in the Worksheet tab, etc.

Q: Are the "additional parts" that I will add to the measurement be listed as a "part" in Xero?

A: If you create additional parts & labour into measurements, these additional items are sent through to Xero as individual line items.

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