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  • 08 Nov 2020
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User Profile

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The profile section is where you can view your username and the name you use in your account.

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The username is your email address. It is important that you use the correct email address to verify your account, and we can send you a reset password link if you forget your password.

Usernames are unique ID's in our system, so you will not be able to use the same email address to create a user on another Groundplan account.

To transfer your user account to another Groundplan account, check out the Transfer your User Account section on this article for further instructions.


The Name saved in your profile is the name that will reflect on your Projects' Activity Log and Account Activity list. Changing this will also update the names in the said parts of the system.

Sign in with Google

You can link your Groundplan login to a Google Account so you do not need to enter a Groundplan username and password to log into Groundplan.

To set up Sign in with Google:

  1. Click the Sign in with Google button;
  2. The pop-up box will ask you to login or choose your Google account;

We do recommened that you also set up Google 2-Step Verification if you enable Google Sign In.

If you've enabled 2-Step Verification, Google will send you a code to enter and verify the action. Once done, you'll see your Google account under the Connected to: header and you can start logging in using the Sign in with Google button on the login page.

Signing In with Google

Please also note that you cannot use the same Google account on multiple Groundplan logins.

Two-Factor Authentication

Setting up an two-factor aunthentication is adding extra layer of security when logging into your Groundplan account.

Instead of immediately gaining access to your Groundplan account by just entering the username and password, a second piece of information will be required to login. This way even if your login credentials are compromised, it will not be enough to access your Groundplan data.

Please Note:

If you Sign in with Google during login, two-factor aunthentication will be bypassed.

To enable Two- Factor Authentication:

1, Click the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button;
2. Open the app on your device and scan the QR code shown on Groundplan. (If you don't have an app yet, we recommend Google Authenticator);
3. The app will automatically generate a 6-digit code. Enter the code in the textbox in Groundplan;
4. Click the blue Enable two-factor Authentication button.

You will now be asked to provide an extra level of security when:
  1. Logging into Groundplan for the first time;
  2. When logging onto Groundplan on a new device;
  3. Occassionally, after clearing browser cache and cookies.

Change Password

Please see our help article on changing your password for password requirements

Transfering your User Account

If, for instance, you want to be a user in another Groundplan account, but your email is already used in another (say a trial account), you may send us message and we'll transfer your user account to your new Groundplan account.

Accessing and copying your projects from your old account

If you have projects from your old account, those projects will not automatically appear on your new Groundplan homepage even if you still own them.

It is important that your old Groundplan account is active or still trialing so you can still view the projects.

In other words, if it is an expired trial account, you will not be able to access the projects, thus, you need to contact our support team to help you in this case.

To view the projects:

  1. Go to the Projects list page, and click the Switch Account button (on the left side);
  2. Select your old account by clicking the checkbox before its name and you will then see the projects you own in that account;
  3. Across the project tile, click the Actions button, and select the Duplicate option;
  4. Give the Project a name and click the Duplicate button.
  5. You will be taken to the Project Overview page and you will see that the owner of the project is your account name in your new Groundplan account. You can also see your own copy of the project once you go to the homepage.

Duplicating a Shared Project


I have more than a few projects in my old account. Is there a way to copy them in bulk to my new Groundplan account?

A: No, there is none.

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