Snap to Objects
  • 13 Jan 2022
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Snap to Objects

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Article Summary

The Snap to Objects Tool locates the closest PDF Plan element to the mouse cursor and Snaps to it. Commonly used with the Length Tool or Ruler Tool, it allows the edge of a building / room to be "snapped to".

📝 Can't see the Snap Tool?

Try expanding the browser or resetting the zoom to 100% or less
When the browser height is less than 898px (at 100% zoom level), the Snap to Objects button is hidden

Using the Snap Tool

  1. Click Snap to Objects
  2. Select a Measurement or Annotation Tool
    Zoom in on the Plan
  3. Measure / Annotate as normal
    The cursor will try to Snap to the nearest PDF element
  4. Repeat for additional Measurements / Annotations
  5. Once finished, click Snap to Objects
    This will disable the Tool
📝 Incompatible Tools with the Snap to Objects Tool

D2 - Snap to Object


Q. Why does the Snap to Objects Tool not Snap to the Grid intersections?
A. The Grid is not a PDF element of the Plan. Measurements and Annotations are unable to be snapped to the Grid when the Snap to Objects Tool is enabled.

Q. Which Annotation Tools work with Snap to Object?
A. The Ruler, Arc, Angle, Arrow, Cloud, Square and Circle Tools.

Q. Why is the Annotation Tool not snapping to a grey line on the Plan?
A. The Snap to Objects Tool searches for ''dark looking" lines/objects near the cursor
When zoomed out, darker lines become lighter as they're scaled down, making snapping less effective.

1. Please check that the Snap to Objects Tool is enabled.
2. Zoom in on the Plan.
3. Move the mouse over the line.
This should now Snap as expected
4. Continue Measuring or Annotating as normal.
(📝 The Pen and Grid Tools are incompatible with the Snap to Objects Tool.)

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